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And It's Certainly Not A Short List

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I think this first one was written by a 17 year old:

But Dave Really Goes The Distance:

Then There's The Hitchen's (man of the Left) Interview:

And Of Course You've Read Hitchens' Own Piece:

Another Leftist Frank Rich:

Not Sure Who David Is:

And Isn't Former Mayor Ed Koch from the Left?

We All Know Tammy Is A Lefty and A Lesbian(one I'd love to date, not once but twice):

Still MOORE Leftists against MORE:

And there's one more my brother told me about but I can't remember the author. I'll have to call him and ask. But I think the majority of stuff here is all from self-described Leftists or Liberals. Makes it more interesting, dontcha think?

Are you going to read "Michael Moore Is A Big Fat
Stupid White Man"? ref: