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1) We are IN Iraq!! No sensible person with an I.Q. over 95 would run for President promising an immediate pull-out. How can he do that? We're committed. BUSH committed us. Unless the United States wants to pull further international wrath down on its head, we have to meet our commitments to the people there and make sure we clean up our mess and give them an opportunity to establish their own government.
2) I can't think of any President we've ever had who's come out in public and said that they were FOR gay marriage. Can you think of one? Maybe Clinton? He was pretty liberal about those things. At any rate, it's an explosive subject. Kerry does not want to alienate the right-wing moderates, who are for a change in Presidents, but NOT for gay marriage because their minister at church told them it's bad and against God's ways. For my part, the whole gay marriage issue is a tempest in a teapot. I would not deny Kerry my vote on that issue, either for or against. Why do gays want to get married? They can do everything else, so what's the point? Even I DO NOT want to get married. I wouldn't have a cow if marriage were outlawed between straight people. It's an obsolete institution in a lot of ways, and certainly it's obsolete for me.

At least, Kerry isn't out there trying to modify our Constitution to prohibit gay marriage to the end of all time! It's BUSH who wants to do that! What a NUTCASE! If he needed to stick his finger in the wind to see if he had a chance in Hades of winning this election, the defeat of his little "Amendment" would have been that finger. If I could give Prez. Bush some friendly advice, it would be "Don't bust your butt trying to get re-elected. Take it easy. Play some golf. Pack your books and tell the wife to start calling around and making price checks on Bekins, Mayflower, Starving Students and all that. That will be a far better and more productive use of your time and money right now than running around to every state campaigning for re-election. No one is listening."

3) Kerry voted for that Patriot Act like every other sleepy lemming in Congress that morning. He did not know what kind of treason he was voting in, at the time. He has come right out and said that he is opposed to the Patriot Act as it stands right now, and one of his first acts will be to get it modified or repealed. That is all the proof I need at this moment to know that he is a better choice than Bush. I would vote for a third-grader as long as I knew he or she was against the Patriot Act. Bush has done more damage to this country in four years than most Presidents are CAPABLE of doing in EIGHT! I don't want to wait for the Second Act of this FARCE.

You know what my final criticism of "Bush, the God" is? I USED to be a right wing moderate. Bush has turned me into a flaming, card-carrying, flag-burning LIBERALPACIFICISTHIPPY. I haven't been this crazy since I was 19 years old and in love with Aron! Bush converted me by showing me how much evil the conservative Republican side of our government is really capable of. Clinton may have messed with Monica, but Bush messed with OUR CIVIL RIGHTS. I think if Bush had gotten his jollies somewhere else, like Clinton did, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess ... but enough of that.