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I've Read Enough

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Moore's movie was too boring to warrant this much attention, for me at least. But I figured you were more interested than me. I've been reading so much it's really kind of nuts, sorry 451 will have to wait.

Ray's not dead Goofy! Unless he died less than two weeks ago. He was pissed at Michael Moore for how Moore named his film. He stopped short of suing him. I'm guessing the controversy is still outstanding but I know Ray was NOT happy with Moore AT ALL.

Laura Ingraham is friends with Ray, I think. You should read her too: damn, I can't find it on the website now (

But I know Tammy Bruce is in tight with him. I think you'd like Tammy. She's incredibly smart and Left, just like you might like'em: (look at the pic on the bottom of the page with Ray)