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The Only Two

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Judeo-Christian Societies on the planet, for all intents and purposes. Both are incredibly tolerant of different theologies and cultures. Israel has arabs in it's parliament for instance, it's an incredibly liberal society and incredibly tolerant. Hell they lay their necks out to be cut every day just to maintain their freedom. Same with the U.S. It's why we'll never really be safe in either country.

Both countries put freedom ahead of values like equality, being popular or likes in the world.

I wish you'd get more specific though. Perhaps you could pick the USS Liberty Indident, which disgusts me personally. But anything to show they are "beyond resproach", as you put it.

You pose an interesting question that's for sure. We certainly don't get any oil from Israel as they are completely dry of it. Do you think an alliance between two countries can actually be rooted in honest to God friendship? Maybe? Look at the Jewish population and travel between the two countries. We're very close on a personal/citizen level.

It's a very special bond between the two countries. Without that bond the world would have problems far worse than those of today. Except this time is would be 30 million dead jews and 200 million dead Americans, and nobody left to stop killing the rest of the infidels. It's fucking scary stuff man.