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UN Assembly seeks demolition of West Bank barrier

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The United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution demanding that Israel comply with a court decision on its controversial "security barrier" in the West Bank. The resolution was passed by 150 votes to six last night, with 10 nations abstaining. The resolution urged Israel to comply with the International Court of Justice's ruling that it must demolish the West Bank barrier and compensate Palestinians who have been harmed by its construction. Israel has refused to recognise or comply with the ruling.

The controversial "security barrier" cuts deep into the illegally occupied West Bank, cutting thousands of Palestinians off from their land, hospitals and schools. The route is designed to keep several illegal Jewish settlements on the Israeli side of the fence. Israel claims the barrier is necessary to thwart Palestinian suicide bombers, but Palestinians say its route proves that it is an Israeli ploy to annex even more Palestinian land. The International Court of Justice has ruled that the barrier breaches international law.


But sure when as Israel ever listened to internation law ?