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Okay... this is the deal

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The 'modern world' is a fast and needful world. All the so-called 'first world' people are clipping along with all the new and modern devices, i.e. computers sharing information and knowledge of the latest advances of sciences and technologies.

Those that are stuck in the past, those that hang on to their old cultures, fearing the changes of this modern world (it is the New Millenium) are bound to feel their own fears grow to such proportions that they become filled with a paranoia... a feeling of inadequacy in trying to survive in this modernity.

Witness the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and the strides they have made within their country, Russia. The Chinese are now one of the biggest consumer nations on the planet, for they have rebelled against their Maoist past... China is on a building boom that is unprecedent, buying coal and oil, steel and lumber like a hungry man at a buffet... skycrapers going up in many cities - modernizing themselves.

These two countries have influenced their regions... people see how the "new world" is growing.. moving towards acceptance of what is available to improve their own lives.

The struggles in the Mid East are the struggles from the chains of a culture, a religious limitation, that is preventing their own people from seeing and accepting this "new world" in bloom all around them.

The wars all around this globe is a basically a war to prevent changes... changes that people want, that people need in order to feel an attachment with those that are living in this new world of ours. They no longer want to be excluded from progress. They want to share and be part of the global neighborhood. But there are those in power that are to conservative in their viewpoints to allow their people this change... the powerful feel their power weakening and put up a resistance - foul laws that tarnish citizens, making criminals of many, and those in turn become examples of "what can happen to you."

This rapidly changing world of ours thru our instantaneous communications is proving that the world needn't be what has been the old and traditional way of doing things. Those ideas of nationalism and theocracy are dying.. gasping and groping to maintain the old way of doing things.

It is a matter of time, maybe not this generation or even the next... but the time is quickly approaching when humanity will agree that this is one world/one planet that is a myriad of individuals, each having something to offer others.

[my idealistic thoughts for this morning, 7/21/04]