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"would you be nervous if you got on the same plane as a bunch of arabs who carried duffel bags and talked back & forth?"

call me crazy, but the whole reason i got the travel bug in the first place was because i love the sound of other languages. foreign eyes, foreign skins, foreign tongues, foreign fabrics, foreign dances, foods, wines, schools, beliefs, religions, currencies.... for me, the temptation and calling of all these things was just too irresistable to stay in one country.

my only regret was that i couldn't afford to keep buying plane tickets. i'm learning french now because when i finish school, i hope to find work outside of north america.

i can't believe i married a white guy! after i dated first nations, chinese, jamaican, spaniard... but now i too have digressed.

my advice to people who are frightened of people from other countries is... either get over it, or just stay at home.