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Yeah, me too

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As usual, life interfered, and I just shelved the whole Florida controversy for future review(which never happened). I think Michael Moore ought to be read CAREFULLY, and his ideas ought to be taken one by one and pulled apart when necessary. He gets a bit irrational at times. But, you know what? He's got good horse sense, and a lot of the things I've read so far in his book I'm finding hard to put aside.

Even his irrationality is, in a way, a strength. Most Americans aren't systematic thinkers. I include myself in that. It's hard to be, especially when the whole culture and everything we are exposed to goes against it. When the typical American reads his books, they are going to see themselves in the pages. Even when I disagree with his conclusions, I do it with sympathy, because I've gone down some of those same paths, myself. Unless he gets bumped off (you know, a strategically choreographed car accident) he is going to be a powerful force in the future of American politics. He's so much like us that we can't help but listen when he talks and read what he writes.

The trouble with most of these political issues and current events is that there are SO MANY of them! You can't work at a fulltime job, run your life, have a little leisure time, keep up with your creative processes, and at the same time keep up with everything happening in the world, unless you are some kind of intellectual behemoth. I feel stupid about NOT knowing a lot of these things, but on the other hand, you have to have priorities. My priorities are usually the things I can change -- not the things I can't (like what the US is doing in Afghanistan, the current price of oil, and so on). It's just that lately, what in heck G.W. Bush is doing in the Oval Office, and what we, the American people, intend to do about it, is getting to be more and MORE of a major priority. I have a lot of catching up to do ...