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Hmmm. . .

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I don't know if I beliee this ladies story. And frankly, I read the story till she actually cited Ann Coulter as a source. Ann Coulter is a psychotic, hateful bitch ass skank(at least she plays one on tv and in print) and anyone who cites her as a serious source immediately has their own credibility called into questions.

So now to Annie's story. Let me see if I have this straight;

There are all these Arab men on a plane doing wierd things like congregating in groups, going to the bathroom together, etc. Okay, I have to admit, that might make me a bit nervous. I'm just being honest. I would probably mention something to the flight attendant, like Annie did. Okay, up to now, I'm with her.

But is she seriously telling me, is she being completely truthful, when she says that the flight attendant was aware of the issue, and that their were air marshalls on board, BUT NOONE BOTHERED TALKING TO ARAB MEN THEMSELVES? Saying, "Hey guys, maybe you didn't hear the announcement at the beginning of the flight, but we ask that everyone remain in their seats while the plane is in the air so attendants can get up and down the aisle?"

(Now I dont' fly a lot, but when I have been on a plane, they announce, (and enforce) that you are to remain in your seats unless you are going to the bathroom. And you are not allowed to form a line at the bathroom either. You have to remain in your seat till the bathroom is empty. Apparently Northwest doesnt have/enforce these rules. Or Annie is just a lying, racist bitch like Ann Coulter)..

So again, let me get this straight, there were a bunch of Arab men on a plane making people nervous AND NOONE ACTUALLY TRIED TO TALK TO THEM? Everyone just sat cowering in their seats, even the air marshalls? What, they were afraid of escalating the situation? Well, if they really were planning on bombing the plane, how could you exacerbate that? And like I said, you don't have to say "So are you guys terrorists?" You just have to politely inform them of existing air travel regulations. That's that. Problem solved. No crying.

I think Annie is exagerating, and/or a fucking moron.