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you call ann coulter a psychotic, hateful bitch ass skank

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like that's a bad thing. come on.


nobody wants to talk to the arabs, because the arabs are scary. duh.

i think somewhere i can come up with something to say that isn't totally sarcastic. and i'm not actually directing my sarcasm at you, it's just that i can't seem to stop it today. frickin' wednesday.

anyway, i have a hard time believing this story as well. i mean, i can almost be sympathetic with her to a point, though i think that, for the most part, the fear our society has of arabs (which started well before 9/11/01, by the way) is a pretty unfortunate thing. i fly once or twice a year on average, and i've often been stuck flying northwest (don't get me started) and i think that their humorless bastard flight attendants would most probably have said something to these guys, and would have done so in a falsely cheerful, snarky way.