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SooZen & I were talking last night

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...which began after hearing someone on the tube ask the question "Should celebrities be allowed to talk about their politics."

Now, that was one of the more inane questions i've heard in a while (at least a few days) from the Tube Meisters. Is not Rush Limbaugh or O'Reilly or Hannity, et al 'celebrities'? They surely are not journalists by any stretch of the imagination. They push the party line and refuse anything contrary, and yet they fall into the category of 'celebrity'... amongst the right.

But those "librul Hollywood-types" have no business touting their political beliefs... so those mouth-jocks say. Is there not something rotten in the house?

btw: Regarding those "Hollywood types" I recently heard that Beverly Hills' population (per capita) buys more books that any other city in the world! If that is indeed a fact, perhaps there is something askew with any city that has such a large readership (hah!). No wonder they lean towards the 'liberal side'... they are fucking educated!

The dumbing of America is the best thing that has happened for the Conservatives... and they seem to make sure that things don't improve.