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I hate Ann Coulter. And people who know me know (as I have explained it to them) that I also hate the word 'bitch' and rarely use it, as it tends to be used with a definite undertone of misogyny that makes me uncomfortable. But if a word ever fit a person, it is 'bitch' and 'ann coulter.', If the word 'bitch' were a bloody glove and 'ann coulter' were OJ Simpson's hand, he definitely would have been convicted. There is just no excuse for her.

This story is just a variation on the person who crosses the street when they see a black person, or rolls up their windows and locks the door when they venture into the city. Black people have committed crimes, ergo all black people are potentially criminal.

Frankly, I would be nervous if I saw any ethnicity of people doing the things Annie J. described. That or I would just assume they were trying to join some gay mile high club. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

But the fact that according to her, no one made any attempt at conversation (friend or otherwise) with these men, just sat there sobbing, makes her story kind of unbelievable, or at least embellished.

You can't tell me that there wasn't at least one asshole on the plane (at the very least) who would have said "Hey buddy, you and your friends are makin' everybody nervous. Sit down." Followed by the exchange of harsh words. Especially considering our post 9/11 mindset, I can't believe this wouldn't have happened.

Like I said to BP, all they had to do was have the pilot announce they were headed for some turbulence and turn on the seatbelt light so everyone had to sit down.

But no. Everybody just sat there and cried or prayed to white Jesus to save them.

And obviously He did.