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don't forget abu gareb prison photos

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and how the pentegon officials physically went to CBS television in their uniforms and put all kinds of threatened pressure on them to 'pursuade' them not to air the prisoner abuse photos.

that my govt is trying to strong-arm our freedom-of-speech media to not broadcast stories the war dept. does not like . . . that gets my blood boiling and is reason number 7 million and 12 why these war-profiting election-stealing murderers need to be turfed from and by this country.

CBS held off for one or two weeks on the story as the pentegon and the vulcans crafted a response, but the War Dept. did not want the photos aired period. thank god the edward m. murrow network did not knuckle under and do the bidding of the bullet boys.

and everyone should know everything about that dung pile ClearChannel who make Jerry Falwell and the christian coalition look open minded.

it is Not going to be easy to get the truth out this year -- and i applaud all the shit-kickin Lit Kickers on here who are doing their part. we're up against corporate armies and war criminals who know how to actually steal national elections and sell profit-motive wars.

this is not going to be easy, so i honor the celebrities with the courage to speak up, and i salute every one of us who can see thru the fog and still have the courage to drive forward.

peace and progress to you all.