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the cost of war, rant rant

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"War, famine pestilence good growing weather for the house of Morgan" USA Dos Pasos.
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I imagine Georgie in his underwear, nice clean underwear, it helps me see him as human, I see a bright new future for humanity after the third world war, a lot less people true, but they will be more interesting shapes and colors, wonderful new mutations, I am an optimist, I am a true believer.
my truckdriving buddy that could not watch slasher movies
easy going happy to be alive, nothing ever seemed to faze him,
if I was a witness to murder would I have to tell the police, I couldn't blame him, thinking about a post by a litkickette, she talked about letting somebody who deserved it have it, a smack in the face I think she meant, not a bullet to the head, whose to live and whose to die, my buddy warned warned and warned him but the guy kept coming at him, so quick so reflexive, later at the car wash with me shaking like a leaf, I had no idea what was coming down, none of this is true you know what bull shiters truck drivers are, (the main difference between a cow boy and a truck driver is the cow boy has the bullshit on the out side of his boots,) months ago there were some news stories about domestic violence and murder rates at ft bragg among returning vets, just a passing news story have not seen any more about it, the cost of war that we pay over and over, I used to love working the water front, all those containers stacked up like dominoes, Big R drivers hiding from dispatchers, what else hiding in those containers, for the cost of a couple of air force fighter planes they could scan everyone that comes into the country, but the cost of the war, every tanker in the forest service fire fighting division is grounded because they are fifty plus years old and falling out of the sky, the cost of the war, I think about those melancholy pictures you drew , yeah I am pissed so pissed at the fat heads with their bankrupt morality,
and my partner in crime, the compulsion to repeat beyond the pleasure principle, I wondered did he make a habit of putting himself in those perdicaments.