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Saint to Sinner, Sinner to Saint

Posted to Poetry

The pluses have minus'd.
The crosshairs have rested.
The spotlight is blazing
and the lies have been tested.
The demons within us
set the fields to burning.
Children lie dead...
yet the newsreels aren't turning.

A Texas vampire has a taste for mud,
black as cinders...prehistoric blood.
Collateral damage, collateral lies.
He's safe in his bed...while the innocents die.

A karmic dilemma,
Stand up?
Or refrain?
As our sons and daughters die in freedom's name.
Well, the Righteous are righteous.
They usually are.
"No time for logic,

Compassionate angel, can you hear their cries?
Will you wipe their tears?
Will you....Grant us sight?
Please stop the bloodshed.
Stop the bombs.
Ease our fear...right our wrongs.

But anger is fear...fear of change,
beyond all carnage,
beyond all rage.

From silence to stillness,
From stillness to breath,
fully aware...we cannot fear death.

From saint to sinner,
Then sinner to saint,
With no more repentance and no more pain.
Grasp the Diamond, feel the change.
From saint to sinner,
And from sinner to saint