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myselfish (critic welcome)

Posted to Poetry

I swore I wouldn't do those things
thought I had a handle on something
unrealistic and intangible as a daydream
that takes on its own reality
like crowds of emotion something
a sudden turn into nightmare rioting
the wrong direction on a one way street
with some victim negative vehicles
coming straight at me
headed right for an opening, a vulnerability
then collides crushes and catches
transforming us into some aftermath
only clouds of smoke and ashes are left
each of us convinced we are aqlways right
neither willing to clean up the mess
as vultures and mosquitoes circle over head
a worthless yet curious heap of wreckage

it's good to take a step away
out of the lifelike nightmare
though not quite out of the daydream
arriving from a difficult place
welcome myself with handshakes
while enjoying my own good company
in an atmosphere of trust faith and loyalty
not a thought of crushing caught collisions
finding fault in exposed vulnerabilities or future victims
loving myselfish for what I'm make of this
no sign of yourselfish overwhelming habit
that feeds from twice its weight and height
I become light and slowly rise above it
Into a place that echoes my relief
Outside of the nightmare and
into the now, the light, and myselfish