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canal scene #5 a

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Two weeks to the day later, I found myself in this tiny club sitting at the same table as Mr. TheseFuckingSucks. We'd just gone to this opera at the Palafenice, and two of the girls had gone to this club that I'd never gone to because I was cheap and didn't want to pay the cover, but it was late and I wanted to go home, so I went there, thinking I could drag my roommate out.

I somehow got in for free, and a half an hour later, I was still there, sitting alone with this guy and plotting my escape. It was obvious that he had a thing for my roommate, but she was avoiding him. So there I sat, unable to make any conversation because of the loud music wondering how long I'd have to sit there before I could go.

"Your friend looks very sexy tonight," he said, watching her move on the dance floor.

I lit a cigarette, unsure of what to say. Because what do you say to that? Then, "Thanks." Hell, I didn't know. I thought about adding, "I dress her myself," but I figured he wouldn't get the sarcasm, so I got up to dance instead.