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Amsterdam ate my money

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Holland, lets see....

After coming back from a three week meditation retreat in the English countryside I decided I need a little bit more spice in my life... not that abstaining from intoxicants and sex, sitting still four hours a day, listening to spiritual talks, and geting woken up at 5am by a bell wasn't good fun, but it was definitly time for a change. At the last minute I boarded the train for Amsterdam. Almost there, I'm in a compartment with nearly nobody around, except three other hippiesh American 20 year olds like me....this after not being around Americans for months in London. What were the odds that we were all traveling alone, had little money, and hadn't made advanced reservations...we were, by the way, arriving in Amsterdam at 3am. These kids were all big druggies, especially the one I talked to the most. I like my drugs now and then but pot and such, I thought, was not my sole reason for living and going to Amsterdam but apparently it was his. We stumbled around the city in the middle of the night looking to buy weed and find a place. We get white powder shoved in our faces amidst rows and rows of red glowing windows, and go from one fullup hostel to the next...then get coerced by a hotel owner to share a room that happened to be a good deal despite the slick sales pitch by the wandering salesman. Five days pass and I'm nearly out of money stuck in a big ol room above an irish bar with the fizzie haired hippie drug addict, who at this point has spent all his money on Coke and heroine and has even found a local HIV positive Amsterdam drug addict tour guide to buy our hard drugs and take us out to clubs.....I smoke the white and brown but leave the shooting to my at this point very very broke friend. The amsterdam local he dug up suprises me and tells us sincere stories of life while using a good deal of our astronimically expensive drugs. After a week in Amsterdam I am completely broke and I expected to have money for a month and visit a handful of those glowing red windows with the ladies inside.... (and of course go to all the most edifying museums)well the local addict offers us a job washing windows for the mob and at this point I board the train back to london cause luckily i got a return ticket and move into a girlfriends house in london.

just keep an eye on your guilders cause everyone else in Amsterdam surely will

Cheers mate,