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Kesey site/Cassady download

Posted to WritersAndGenres is Kesey's own site. has a series of videos on the famous bus trip that they made. Also on the site, you can download a free QuickTime of Cassady at the wheel.

There are two videos of the trip available now, with a third in the works. I just purchased the second tape which is about their trip to "Madhattan" where they meet up with Ginsberg, Kerouac and Leary.

What's nice about the site is that they send you the video, and then you send them the money later. The video costs $29 (I ended up sending them $40 out of thanks and because the original footage is such high quality and so wonderful...thankfully they had the foresight back then to use professional audio/video equipment...I mean, they actually had two sound thinking)

Kevin Kizer
Peoria, IL