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Ilwaco ?

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

I remember the "Tassinge" you bet. In fact, I was in Ilwaco on 12/14. opening day of crabbing.. It was awful! I was never knocked on my ass, squished, hit in the head, or puked on so many times in one day ever. We dumped crab gear off North Head, going up the coast. I thought we were going to roll over, twice, and I almost went overboard twice. the boat was way overloaded, and top heavy. Seas were 15ft, Wind 30knt. S.W,,,Four guys got killed above Newport the mornignwe we out, and our wether was worse. We came in at night for more gear, and I got off. I'm too old for that shit. Those guys put on another over load of gear, went back out and sank on the bar!! All were rescued, but boat lost, and lots of gear. I'm staying on the beach the rest of the winter. Hey, "stilltruckin" write me Jim Furnish we got a lot fo common stuff/people/places/