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an elegy for Ken Kesey

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

Mr. Kesey I never met you,
or went to the acid tests,
I was born much to late....
but the great mojo!,
Cowboy Neal!
Merry band of Pranksters!
Owsley Acid Sunshine!
(The Good Stuff)
you brought America
to the mind's great Golden Gate,
to those on the good golden road,
and to the stories of eternity!
spaced out loving the space
it echoes twists and becomes me
becomes america sweet reverberations
the road moving history....the NOW
colors strange balls of light...
Have you seen the trailer America?
the great eyeball movie on the mind of eternity
the great cowboy mystical circus show great western land
made of movies lifeblood and the song of blessed earth
you were there when -The Ground Shook-
-The Poets Howl'd-
-The Great Pranks Pranked-
you tought me how R.P. McMurphy is
bigger then Paul Bunyan
and Chief Broom the great mind
sleeping mind of America
acid chopper man
Have you seen the trailer?
a million souls
To the magic bus of eternity!!!!!
following the trails
strange eyeballs of light
electric green music
down to the river of time
to get stoned
and Love the Grateful Dead!!!!
peace brother and further
you are forever real!