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sometimes it is better to be loaded

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in what seems another life time it was so long i was a organometalic chemist my boss was a very cool on his stool phd phd chemist from lucknow with a stop in scotland edinburgh just can't pull the words out of this foggy night or as my friend from the uk used to call him a little pot bellied nigger. well to get to a point i did his plumbing if he could stick some molecules to gether with a pencil and paper i should be able to synthesize it. now to get to my main point east coast dispathers will try to send you out with a empty 53 foot dry box over one of them big ass mountains out west that i am looking at and can see no daylight between the top of the mountain and the clouds think sever winter storm in say colorado of the western slope. think 50 mile or more a hour winds, think slick as snot road, think sailboats ping pong ball in a stiff breeze 65 feet of truck being blow around like a ping pong ball imagine a dispatcher siting in a warm comfy office and look at his map and thinking it is only 2 inches to where i am sending him what is the problem
if i had forty bushels of dead cow or taters i might have made it