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Visions of Cody

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I've not read VOC in forever, but if memory serves it was a rewrite (perhaps a prewrite) of _Road_, only in less simplistic prose. More like Kerouac's own style that he later grew into, IMHO. I think what happened (willing to be corrected) is that he wrote _Road_ three times. First time it was very wordy and loop-da-loop if you know what I mean; dejected and recognizing the weight that sank the novel, he decided to write it again, all at once. This became _Road_. Then he rewrote it in truer Kerouac style; this became _Visions of Cody_. Or was it the first that was VOC and the last that was thrown out? Ah, well, I tried. Other than style (which is a big 'other than'), the chief difference seemed to be Cassady was called "Cody Pomeray" in one and "Dean Moriarty" in the other.