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Lately, I've been tending to read more than one book at a time...
1. Marcel Proust- "Swann's Way" the first book in the Remembrance of Things Past
2. "Transbluesency" by Amiri Baraka
3. "A Devil in Paradise" by Henry Miller
4. A collection of poems by Langston Hughes
5. "Some of The Dharma" by Jack Kerouac

The poetry books I just leaf through a little day by day when I get the chance, while the novels (no. 1 & 3), I try to read through as fast as possible. Upcoming to my reading list, books in waiting are:
1. "The First Third" by Neal Cassidy
2. "Henry & June" by Anais Nin

All this and in the process of writing my own novel too... busy busy literate bohemian life! When would I ever get the time to paint anyway like I've been meaning to?