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No not of what’s to come; I lie; induce – induce induce; I invoke to unlock all branches, limbs, growth of pure emotional thought, experience of kind and unkind; sing songs beside some river in time on this day, now. So hold!

Dishes, two, colors of neon yellow and similar orange, made of clay tubes, the ones found by twisting a ball of clay into the longest string possible in those pure fun activities that were numerous so, so long ago, are bright as hell is hot and heaven is cool, where one solitary cloud drifts by waving, inducing smiles, sit beside me upon desk as a gift from cousin; little crazy guy realist with already soulful view of universe and life, (ones said post question of desired gift “I don’t want anything,” in his pitchy eight (8) year old voice of love and admiration, “everything just breaks, what’s the point.” Utterly shocked at thought conceived in miniature mind I say, “everything brakes, really, you think so, well ahh, what about grandfather clock over there, will that Break? “Yeaah Daniel, look there’s already piece missingg.” And the car, and the rug, the house, furniture, painting of all genres, mirrors emitting sights of years ago in clear intention are routes of concluded thought that everything really does break, perhaps even the universe and subsequently the little microscopic world we belong to, somewhere in the depths of apocalyptic mammoth universe; what a crazy little kid; future brighter that our father, the sun; person to be; child to never be) owah to be a kid again; what I would give to see world thru pure child eyes of green eternity- tears are dammed water on the rise whose destiny is to flow eternally mourning the loss of myself to hoary age black as night and blue as sea- Beside the clay dishes a cd acquired purpose-not-on in the midst of a sporadic trip to farm in Conn., belonging to friends of Ryan and I went along for the rid that proved to be a life-experience and food for thought till death. Having just put on two socks, one pair, on my feat I know I’ve grown for, old with age and usage a hole did form on heal and now my feat are cold.