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Zenchile, with you am I!

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I am contemplating exactly what you suggested to Levi; we have opportunity to unite in common quest of knowledge, of life. Finding litkicks like so many others tells me IÂ’m not alone; out there are minds with thoughts I want to know, out there are minds wanting to know my thoughts. (I hope) Being eighteen, my peers content themselves with mindless video games, with TV shows casting materialistic messages correlating to our capitalistic society going wrong. While I in my room, at boarding school, read my days away and ponder of life and meaning. Internet is a tool we must utilize to fullest possibility; bouncing ideas off one another, exploring capacities of expression, we, the future, have a voice, as you said, worthy of recognition that can now begin to be heard. I have only begun my literary journey. With the help of you and others perhaps my journey will prove to be easier; possibilities limitless as sky is vast. Once a week a poem or story will be topic of discussion. All involved in our brave endeavor will read, extract, and derive some meaning to share. As a group we will interact and expand our minds with intellectual wars of purest origin. I am just thinking as I type but who knows. I am with you brother, together, with others, letÂ’s lasso mammoth codes of Internet space and recognize the numbers as names. Any compelled to write me can reach me at
Yours in quest of knowledge,