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Zenchild, I expect to see my friend from Augie this weekend, and will clue him in. Sounds to me like you have some outstanding ideas. So let me submit you a poem for consideration - think I'll call it "Sigh...Cul" in tribute to the great Arlo Guthrie (though the poem was written about freshman psych class at my alma mater).

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laik a russian
or machine
it is so warm and peaceful there
i never want to leave
and if a pragmatist has values
other people don't
what most people think they don't know that i do
like a duck.

p.s. I was writing a review on Burroughs somewhere here and the format said I had to download something or other to send it. So can I post it here? Anyway...while at the U of S. Dakota, a friend suggested I go with him to see this great band down at the local place. But he said I had to read On the Road, first. So I really liked the book - first honest thing I'd read. And then read most of Kerouac, wrote a couple of books of my own, then read some Burroughs. And while I suggested to my daughter and her friends that they report on Kerouac for school assignments, I personally feel that Naked Lunch is the essential book to read and study. So in my defunct review, I compared Burroughs to Jackson Pollack (though I don't care for Pollack's painting) in that Naked Lunch breaks all the boundaries of style, form, and subject. Though Burrough's content is much more important because (to paraphrase Kerouac) it is naked truth, not only for those who don't or can't know of the atypical; but also for kids who are attracted to the gothic and drug cultures. (Also as Levi has said, the book is so damned funny.)