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to billectric: re your comment to me june 24

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yes, this is serious.
israel has signed a cease's been in effect for 2 weeks, yet during that time, there have been terrorist attacks, sniper shootings and other infringements.

in spite of that, we're still determined to hold out for the goal of peace.
Last night, again i heard sounds of bombs (practise or real?) In the morning, the news showed a map of communities attacked, all sprinkled not too far from me.

I'm in the Western Negev, just east of the Gaza strip, an hour south of Tel Aviv.

The area is populated by kibbutzim and moshavim..these are communities based mostly on agriculture .... flowers for export, pineapples, cherry tomatoes...(innocuous forms of income )
on our kibbutz we have a paint factory and fields of cotton/ potatoes/ peanuts

Typical population built up of Israelis. i'm one of the few english speakers on my kibbutz.

the situation is heavily laced with overtones from British Mandate days. History shows many ugly situations that the brits encouraged, perpetrated.
That aside, i've learned that there's no feasible way americans can understand what's going on in the middle east, cause the basic mentality is completely foreign. Israel is a democratic nation surrounded by non democratic countries.
The people, here, are westernized yet fine tuned to deal with a constant state of war since the day of the creation of the state in '48.
i arrived here in '78 right after Sadat came to Begin to make peace. This was a time of hope and optimism, but Sadat was assassinated, and the arab mood changed overnight.

what can i say? ask me questions if you like...