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hi rider,

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Israel is 7 hours ahead of NewYork time. 2 ahead of Britain. 1 ahead of Paris, Amsterdam.
10 ahead of West Coast.

There have been efforts on the part of many groups to further Peace.
I'm wearing a t shirt that says Blues for Peace. This is an organization based on blues music and jazz to further international peace efforts.

There have been women in Black, groups who stood on highway crossroads for moving troops out of war zones. There is Peace Now, an active organization that stresses Arab-Israeli dialogue, events...normalization, in short.
As women? As round the world women? What can we do?
We can educate ourselves and spread balanced viewpoints (if that's possible) that peace must be promoted, peacefully through higher understanding that we will get there eventually.

We can try to wake up those who spout hatred and falsehoods, keeping the antagonism alive.

We can do what we can.
Any ideas?