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Yeah, I think he still is, mainly because of his weekly column on and because he's remained pretty high-profile. There have been new articles with him in SmartMoney, GQ and some other pubs. I think I read somewhere that his ESPN column is the the most widely read column on the site. "The Rum Diary" and "Screwjack" were also just published, but they are previously unpublished works, Nothing new. Additionally, someone is making a movie out of "The Rum Diary". I think I read in a trade pub where they are in pre-pro right now.

Also, he's taken up the torch on the Lisl Ausman (sp?) case in CO and gotten a lot of powerful people involved (the national defense lawyers' association, DelToro, Zevon, Cusakl). If you're not familiar with the situation, this woman in CO was handcuffed, sitting in the back of a police car, when her friend shot and killed a cop and then killed himself. She was charged with murder under some old law still on the books that says that anyone involved in a homicide in ANY WAY can be charged for it. She was convicted and now is serving a life sentence without a chance for parole.

As I was writing my previous statement, I realized the over-generalization on my part, which is why I tried to cover my ass with the "et al".

I haven't read any of Ed Sanders new stuff. I've heard a few things lately from Gary Snyder (not personally I mean), especially during the election. Have you heard anything about him?