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Kevin -- what you suggest kind of puts the Beats at the center of the circle and gathers everybody else around them. I have an urge, though, to just have a series of circles, where each circle stands alone.

So here's what I've been mulling over as possible future categories. I want to make these groupings more broad than they naturally may be, that is I want to have fewer, thicker categories rather than many thinner ones. So in some cases I'm overgeneralizing, on purpose.

Jazz Age and Modernism -- everything from Joyce to Eliot to Fitzgerald

80's/90's/Minimalist -- Raymond Carver, Denis Johnson, etc.

African-American -- from Langston Hughes to Chester Himes to Alice Walker to Bob Kaufman to Iceberg Slim

Latino -- Marquez, Borges, etc.

Zen and Haiku -- which you (Kevin) know all about

Romantics, Victorians and Pre-Raphaelites -- from Byron to Rossetti

That kind of thing. What do you think? I have to say though that this is going to evolve very slowly. Probably a year or so at the pace I usually work. Till then I'm just going to gather the hard-to-categorize stuff on the front page as I'm doing now.

-- Levi