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I agree. After all, it's Literary Kicks, not Beat Kicks. I certainly think late 19th- and early 20th-century Russian literature would fit well. There's probably a better name for it than that. Or do you break it down purely by time frame? A lot of people forget that F. Scott and Wolfe were only ten years before Kerouac, et al. And Joyce was going on at the same time. I do think larger categories are better because it's difficult to place writers within small, very specific categories. You leave yourself open to nit-picking over categorization, which really is not the point of this site (I believe).

Yeah, I know these things move slowly. We have lives to lead after all. But when the time comes, if you are interested in any outside input in regards to design concepts, I have a lot of designers/artists that I work with who I'm sure would be happy to throw together a few looks (for free). It's up to you. This is your baby. Or more like your adolescent, I guess.