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i forgot the russians

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Yes, absolutely, I meant to add "The Russians" which is self-explanatory.

Here's my secret plan. Continue to let this site evolve at a mellow rate of growth. Accept no VC funding under any circumstances. Do not run any cheap ads for bingo or lotteries or other near-scams, or anything else that would insult the intelligence of the members. Eventually start running *good* ads for independent bookstores, poetry festivals, e-books, etc, and bring in a little money, with which I can start paying a few part-time editors and writers and designers and tech developers and community moderators. When that comes, most of you people who I've already interacted with will be exactly the kinds of people I hope will be interested in being involved in this kind of way. What do you think?

It's all long-term ... for now, I'm hanging on to the day job (though, you'll notice, it's the middle of the day right now and I seem to be working on LitKicks, don't tell anyone ...)

-- Levi