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jack alley

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after donnie small made it his buisness to help jack become self sufficiant in fighting, he head home to ask momma if jack, being that he would need a foster home, could likely live with them, the smalls.The smalls where a big family in the southern most part of georgia, 4 sons, all large, like their daddy, who was still, after shooting his first wife in the back, working for the local police department, riding a motorcycle. The boys were diciplined in an undiciplanary manner.
jack, having been used to the lazy days of summer, playing baseball, and spending some cool time at the movie show, was now attracting daily beatings by his step mother. She seemed to be able to get along with jacks siblings, and she had 3 children of her own which she brought into the marriage, when jack was aged 8...or maybe it was that jacks siblings had no choice but to get along with their stepmother. jack on the other hand wasnt one to be molded, his character and chin were set, and they, neither of them ,would budge.... sarah, nor jack would budge toward one another.
clarion small showed up at the small georgia court house that day, to take jack, hopefully home with her. their wish granted, jack was to stay with the smalls, and hopefully he would learn the right way of things. This was a large loving family with a father who was a policeman.
a police man who would wake jack in the middle of the night high on morphine,.."jack, lets take a ride"... every night this went on, and jack ,the next morning, was expected of course, to go to school... after a nights ride with the motorcycle cop, and another nights ride, it was plain to jack, who was a boy born with street smarts, knew the jig was up, the cop was on drugs, and this seemed to be alright. Jack at this point hadnt taken anything close to a drug, except for some drinking, which was done with intense regularity with the small brothers, who could drink anyone under the table.
The night rides where taking there toll, jack was falling down in his school work and he was as beligerant as ever... smoking in the boys room one morning,he was caught by a school monitor.. jack's hand was grabbed, "drop the cigarette", he was told, but jack simply switched the half smoked stick to his other hand, put it to his lips and took an long drag...."When im finished with it, then i'll putit out..not until then". sure enough jack smoked the cigarette down to his fingers and threw the small butt into the toilet.
jack was on his way to reform school, and became a healthy graduate from prison. But a goodness which, instilled in some manner, always stayed with him. He loved his father. How could someone who loved their father this much be so bad. He couldnt, could he?
His first brush with the law was easy enough, and frustrating enough to make him a leader of the bitterness in the croweded world. Loomis,jack's buddy in ditching school, spotted a pack of cigerettes on the seat of a truck. the truck, having been locked, was an easy match for loomis. He bashed in the window,and grabbed the soft pack of camels...leaning against the truck, he offered one to jack, who grabbed onto it eagerly... the audacity of the boys to stand there, was lost on them. jack had nothing to do with breaking into the truck, but when the police screached upon them, they arrested both boys and asked their questions later. both boys were on their way to reform school.. Loomis had been twice before, but for jack, it was a first. He tried, pleadingly to tell the cop he had nothing to do with the break in of the truck, all he had done was to smoke a cigarette... but he was shipped off all the same, because at this point he had also ran away from home.. unbeknownst to jack, this was against the law. His reasons for running away though understandable as he was being beaten, and in todays standards this would be a charge of child abuse, were not understandable to the establishment... so,once more, off he went to a small reform school, where he met loomis once again.