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Poetry at the Old Longshoreman's Hall 1964

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In 1964 my father, the late novelist Don Carpenter, organized a poetry reading in San Francisco at the Old Longshoreman's Hall, which was later known as the Freeway Reading. The three poets who read that night were Gary Snyder, Lew Welch, and Phil Whalen. In 1980 my dad wrote a short memoir about that experience, which I think (note that I'm biased) is very amusing and fun. As far as I know, it was never published. It's about 7 pages typed, double-spaced. I also have some photographs of the three poets that were taken by Jim Hatch at Snyder's apartment, and a copy of the original handbill that my father made to publicize the event (if you want or need graphics). Of course none of this is in electronic format, alas. I thought that this would be a nice and fitting place for this memoir to reside. If you think so as well, please let me know and we'll work on how to get it to you. Cheers, Bonnie Howard, Santa Rosa, CA.