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Everything looks great. Hopefully, people will see how all this stuff interconnects with Beat literature. Obviously, from the number of posts on the haiku page, there seems to be some interest. The only thing I would think about is the way Basho's examples are presented. It seems to make the text longer than it actually is. That's why I thought maybe hyperlinking to it would be more reader-friendly. Plus, I plan on doing the same thing with the other poets, so maybe having a special section just for samples (with hyperlinks) would work. Anyway, I like what you've done with everything.

In the "it oftentimes relates" sentence, please change "relates" to "expresses".

I plan on writing about Buson next. But I'll be out town for awhile on business (shooting a television campaign for the Trim 'N' Vac, which I sent you the web address) so it may be a couple of weeks.