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Kevin -- how about, whenever you can get around to sending me more haiku (or is it haikus) from the other two, I'll create the new page then? I think your suggestion is valid -- I tend to always sort of tweak my articles gradually into their final form, so let me work on the idea a little. And I think it'd be great if you did cover the other two main haiku poets -- can't wait to see.

It's funny, I've always thought of haiku as much older, even ancient -- in a way I like it more know that I realize it is a somewhat modern form.

BTW, I never told you that a friend of mine is Cor van den Heuvel, who edited the Norton Anthology of Haiku, and read some Kerouac haikus at one of my poetry readings a couple of years ago. He tells some good stories about modern western haiku writers -- he considers Kerouac one of the best -- and maybe I can get him to write something about that for this site too.

Enjoy your Trim'n'Vac shooting ...!

-- Levi