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Examples of Basho's Haiku

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I thought you could hyperlink to this section from my Basho story. Maybe where I write how Basho wrote more than 1,000 haiku.

Banana leaves hanging
‘round my hut—
must be moon viewing

Listen! A frog
jumping into the stillness
of an ancient pond!

On the dead limb
squats a crow—
autumn night

Skylark on moor—
sweet song
of non-attachment

Monks, morning-glories
how many under
the pine-tree Law?

Four temple gates—
under one moon,
four sects

Spring air—
woven moon
and plumb scent

The craneÂ’s legs
have gotten shorter
in the spring rain

Unknown spring—
plum blossom
behind the mirror

Morning-glory fading—
all day the gate-
boltÂ’s fastened

Summer moons—
clapping hands,
I herald dawn

ItÂ’s not like anything
they compare it to—
the summer moon

Early autumn—
rice field, ocean,
one green

Not one traveler
braves this road—
autumn night

Squalls shake the Basho
night my basin echoes rain

All through the night
I listened to the autumn wind
in the lonely hills

Ah me! What a time
to rain—the night of Harvest Moon.
Oh, fickle northern clime!

Sadly, I part from you—
like a clam torn from its shell,
I go, and autumn too.

First winter rain—
I plod on,
Traveler, my name

Sparrows in eaves,
mice in ceiling—
celestial music

Reeling with sake
and cherry blossoms,
a sworded woman in hatori

Boozy on blossoms—
dark rice,
white sake

Winter solitude—
in a world of one color
the sound of wind

A snowy morning—
by myself,
chewing on dried salmon