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let's wing it

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Since you took the stuff from various different translations, let's just put it up as is and hope that nobody minds.

I have never understood copyright law but I actually don't think it is true that non-profits have any more rights than other companies. Also, LitKicks is not really a non-profit! It's just non-profitable, which is similar but different. I don't think I'd ever run traditional ads here, but I have promoted books and cd-roms and live readings, and I would like to think that there's some chance of the site someday growing to a point where it can sustain a small paid staff -- not to get rich off it or do an IPO for big $$$, but maybe enough that I could someday make it my day job and pay contributors, etc. Eventually I will have to understand copyright law better than I do now ... for now, I basically put stuff up and if any copyright holder complains (which happens once in a while) I take it down. This method seems to work.

-- Levi