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overshadowed - but likely happy that way

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

neal's contribution does go far beyond what he put on paper - it becomes a reflection of what he inspired, what he caused.
imagine his ability to ignite the passions of those around him, and what it must have been like to meet him in a bar, to sit and drink with and hear/live the stories...
he could bring people screaming across the country for a binge...that's power, influence...
he was simple and complex at the same time, an enigma always battling his demons and those of the others yet always seemed to shrug it off and find another place to go to be...
haven't read all his letter, but have read excerpts - showed his charm and his self - not flambouyant - very beat
a man of the times - yet at the time not too many appreciated it
probably could have convinced many to go counting with him, if he didn't secretly hate crowds and other people so much
probably much happier in the shadows or may have been more self-destructive than ol' jacky