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How 'bout Bob Creeley

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Having had the benefit of time with Mr. Creeley during the early-1970's as a student, I'd enjoy writing and reading about him now. Send your best anecdotes, etc. Bob saved me from sleeping in a borrowed car on late-fall Buffalo nights, for which I'm ever-grateful. His work has always been more than interesting, even as certain uncertain academics wise-quacked over its seeming transparencies. Short, but not short enough indeed -- he's been masterful & profoundly simple in the best sense, his cares guiding poets most everywhere. I was delighted to find a Spanish edition of Life & Death, the 1998 book, in Barcelona recently -- and his recent DAYBOOK OF A VIRTUAL POET is interesting for what it locates in the new Internet writing space, specifically, with young students in a Buffalo high school program called City Honors. Bob's engagement there was typically good-natured, bringing his present intelligence to bear in virtual space in real words. There's a lot more to say about this guy, so let's hear it.