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Antonin Artaud

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I've never noticed Artaud mentioned on Literary Kicks (if he is I'd like someone to point me to it).

I feel that Artaud should have a page on I'll begin with a quote from Steven Watson, The Birth of the Beat Generation: Visionaries, Rebels, and Hipsters, 1944-1960 (New York: 1995):
One hot July evening in 1947, wandering along Paris's rue Jacob looking for existentialists, Solomon came upon a crowd gathered outside a gallery. A black-haired turbaned figure began screaming, and Carl saw a finger directly pointing at him. The scabrous words were written by Antonin Artaud, who would soon become Solomon's literary model. Artaud declared psychiatry a means of social control that branded lunatics because their minds were superior, lucid, and disturbing. Solomon later recalled, "Artaud said: 'If I am told one more time that I'm crazy, I'm going to commit a crime.' That sentence knocked me out when I was twenty. Everything else just followed naturally." (p. 77)

link to an Artaud site