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How are you discrediting TJ here? Where are you getting the muse and roommate and buddy info from?

Ted Joans was involved in both the Beat Movement and the Surrealist movement here in America (If you doubt me and need somthing to legitimize TJ's presence here check out The Whitney Museum exhibit catalogue which has at least one of his collages in it. I've also seen his collages and Surrealist contributions in other places. Ever read anything from Black Swan Press? It's Surrealist,based in Chicago, the founders spent some time with Breton in the 60's and they know/ have published Ted Joans too, who also happens to be from IL.) I'm not saying that TJ was as large a literary force as LeRoi Jones but he was a part of these movements.

I really take offense at that Crispus Attucks remark. What? Is only one black person allowed in a mostly white male club? I suggest you read LeRoi Jones essay on "tokenism" (its in Home: Social Essays). Jones would be offended by this title and doesn't deserve it. He was never as self-promoting as you imply Ted Joans to be.