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When I perused your comments on Ted Joans, it brought to mind other peoples experiences with him in the past-similar to yours. I dunno, maybe the Vancouver air has brought him 'round, who knows? Mountains can do a lot in the way of humility.
Hey, glad you like the T.W.H. title. If the reference is a little obscure for some, it combines Woody Herman's bands name, The Thundering Herd, with spoken word. I work with a combo, sax, contrabass, and congas called BIRTH OF A NOTION, and discovered, as many spoken worders do, a whole new flow and sense of rhythm as a result. So, having produced and emceed plenty in my life, I began T.W.H. at Cafe Montmartre, 4362 Main St., Vancouver, B.C.. This created an incredible and vibrant jam setting in which poets can call up their instrument(s) of choice from sitar to sax to viola etc...
Since it's opening night in January, 2001, it has played host to local poetry features like Slam winner Shane Koyczan, to Whitman McGowan and Margery Snyder from San Francisco, to Ted Joans. Hey, if anyone's ever in Vancouver, give it a whirl-it's a fun place to be.
Man, that was a long winded answer, huh Graham?