Action’s Back! Alright!

Being A Writer Poetry
After a bit of a hiatus, I'm glad to announce that Action Poetry has been resurrected, so it's time for you to run (don't walk) on over and write a poem or two.

Interactive creation with like-minded people is always an experience, be it fun, exciting, thought-provoking, tear-inducing, whatever. Through writing with others, it's possible to follow trails of words to places and ideas that you may have never considered. Thinking about this, I decided to ask you what you think about collaborative writing. Do you find that it fuels your creativity? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Please share your thoughts. Then, seriously, go write a poem.
4 Responses to "Action’s Back! Alright!"

by judih. on

?is this a rhetorical question?i rest my caseand open my mindsizzle a syllablego on, i dareya

by Steve Plonk on

PreferencesI prefer to write my own stuff, get it previewed and have it published under my own name. When you have collaborative writing, the royalties have to be shared with others. Sharing gets to be a problem when there are too many others involved. Also, there is not much control over the creative pieces you submit getting there in close to the original form.

by Arcadia on

GreatI experience community-writing as great.

by ARAHH on

Perplexed:sometimes..wishing upon a shooting starseems to help...