6100 West Center, Lakewood

Kerouac bought this house with proceeds from the sale of ``Town and the City''
and lived here from late May/early June to July of '49.

``I'm going to Colorado in June. My family & I are ready to move out there if we can find an abode. I am extremely weary of New York--there is no mystery left in it for me.''
[Jack Kerouac to Allan Harrington, April 23,1949. Letters, p. 188]

``I have spent my entire one thousand dollars in this huge madness...I am doing a lot of writing however...'' [Jack Kerouac to John Clellon Holmes, June 24, 1949. Letters, p. 196]

``...I suddenly took off from New York. This was only a swift decision on an old idea I had, to establish some kind of ``homestead'' for myself and family -- an idea I had been harboring for years...I suddenly packed one night and went, and prayed on the bus that I might have luck in Denver finding a house and all such matters...The whole idea has really collapsed.''
[Jack Kerouac to Elbert Lenrow, June 28, 1949. Letters, p. 201]

``No more letters to 6100 W. Center. See you in N.Y. in 2 weeks.''
[Jack Kerouac to Allen Ginsberg, July 26, 1949. Letters, p. 210]

``...just an hour ago I was standing in my yard looking at the great heat lightning over the plains, and to the west over the mountains...I had a desire to go in both directions at the same time.''
[Jack Kerouac to Neal Cassady, July 28, 1949. Letters, p. 211]

``"I'm too cold--
I wanta go to Golden,
That's my home.``
[Jack Kerouac, 17th Chorus, San Francisco Blues]

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