Union Station, 17th and Wynkoop

``Then, further right, the Union Station at the foot of 17th Street came into view, and unless Dad's firmly-believed-in-restroom call made detour necessary, we avoided the building because of the deadend trainshed tracks on its other side.'' [First Third p. 81]

Union Pacific Train Tracks

Area where Neal and his father wandered on Sundays. West of lower downtown area.

``Sunday was `my day' to...tramp from morn to night over the miles of countless wonders that I set out to find below the Larimer line of Denver's bowery in a vast area where more and more often I came to roam away much of my childhood. Now, father knew this region better than most Denver people, yet soon not so intimately as my impressionable mind which, once initiated, expelled much of its early yearning in searches through the ever-new complexities abounding there in myriad profusion.'' [First Third, ps. 79-80]
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Neal's Denver Contributed by Andrew Burnett