Heaven And Earth Magic

Mike Janssen (see 'Jazz') sent me this note:
As for Beat films, one you can definitely put on is Heaven and Earth Magic, directed by Harry Smith. Harry Smith is either a genius, a nut or both, because this is one of the most fucked-up movies I've ever seen. I actually own a copy, because it's worth having. It's essentially collage-art animation, sort of reminiscent of Max Ernst's Surrealist collage novels, but much more stark and minimalist. The entire soundtrack is nothing but sound effects. It's supposedly a parable for civilization's evolution or something, but I'm not sure how. Still, it's worth seeing. The tie-in is that Ginsberg and Harry Smith were pals, and there's a pretty neat picture of Smith pouring milk in Ginsberg's recently released 'Snapshot Poetics.'
Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher