The Subterraneans

Released June, 1960
Based on the novel by Jack Kerouac

I'd really like to see this film. From what I've heard it's a horrific attempt to translate the Beat mystique into Hollywood product. George Peppard (later of 'A-Team') plays the character based on Kerouac, Jim Hutton is Allen Ginsberg, and Roddy McDowall (of 'Planet of the Apes') is Gregory Corso.

Most incredibly, the black girl who the Kerouac and Corso characters fight over is played by Leslie Caron ('Gigi') who is, well, um ... she's white. There goes the interracial aspect.

The jazz soundtrack was supplied by Andre Previn. I hope to find a way to see this film. Sometimes there's nothing as much fun as a really, really bad movie. From what I hear, this is one.

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