Happy Birthday, Complete Review!

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M. A. Orthofer's The Complete Review (which encompasses The Literary Saloon) turns ten years old today, and the barkeep has produced a refreshingly reflective retrospective for the occasion: The Complete Review: The First Decade.

I heartily agree with Orthofer's emphasis on the importance of unchanging URLs on this ever-changing web of ours, and I am glad to hear that he expects to keep running the site pretty much the same way for at least another decade. Salut!
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I agree that URLs need to remain the same and consistent. Would a well-known company change their name? Usually not because reaching people is usually about brand recognition.
Keep up the great work!

by Rubiao on

The Complete Review is a great source for book recommendations you wouldn't normally get. Great site, great consistency.

Touche, TKG! But I will tell you that I tried as hard as I could to keep that URL. It really hurt me to lose it, but it was my mistake not to use a custom URL (litkicks.com) from the beginning. Now that I own my domain name, that will hopefully never happen again.

by Bud Parr on

redirects in .htaccess?

by Levi Asher on

That would have worked if the folks at Charm.net allowed it, Bud. But there was a bit of a billing dispute around the time I switched hosts, so I didn't think it would fly.

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